Holders on Mixin

Pay tribute to the supporters of 41 Public chains on Mixin Network and the die-hard users on Mixin. Each public chain is like an isolated island, while Mixin is like the whole ocean, linking isolated islands to make the blockchain world more prosperous.

Every public chain holder who first came to Mixin is admirable. They are the pioneers who lead the islanders to integrate into the whole world and the great builders of Mixin world.


1、Mixin Chinese group exclusive NFT airdrop

2、White list collection, Pre-sale

3、Public sale

4、NFT empowerment, docking each public chain project group, open NFT exclusive access.

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Holders on Mixin NFT, aims to pay tribute to the supporters of 41 public chains on Mixin Network and the bigwigs of Mixin Chinese group.

Bitcoin, ETH, BSC, Sonala and Terra are the top-ranked public chains in the blockchain market, with many followers and a thriving ecosystem. However, each public chain is putting efforts in opening up the inner circle, and the public chain have become isolated and even competing and cannibalizing camps with each other. No matter how prosperous an island is, it cannot melt the whole world, which defeats the original purpose of free circulation of assets in the blockchain world, and Mixin makes it all possible!

Mixin Network, a free and fast peer-to-peer cross-chain digital asset trading network, allows tens of thousands of tokens from many popular public chains to enter the Mixin Network through the Domain gateway, and all off-chain transactions are recorded in the open and transparent Mixin distributed ledger. With efficiency and speed, transparency and freedom, Mixin is the ocean that links isolated islands. Here, holders can swim in different project groups, transfer money quickly and freely at the second level and introduce his digital assets.Each of the first public chain Holders to come to Mixin is admired as a pioneer in leading the inhabitants of the silos into the whole world and as a great builder of the Mixin world.

There are 10,000 NFTs in the series, of which 2,000 NFTs with Mixin avatars as character attributes are airdropped to the Mixin Chinese group, one for each person. Each public chain is designed for 200, 40 public chains for a total of 8,000.

1. 李安, developers of prsdigg, wechat, Trident platform, etc

2. Cedric Fung, founder of mixin

3. 穿越未来看现在,7000102380 Group leader

Mixin Communication Group:7000104482